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About Us

Here at Purposeful Tutoring and Mentoring Services INC, we provide coaching for children. We help build confidence in children by taking the time to meet the academic needs of each child while helping them set goals. Like all communities, our society is affecting the youth. Parents are not fully involved due to other obligations, so children are not receiving the help they need. Purposeful Tutoring and Mentoring Services INC is an non-profit organization that provide programs for families in which they can trust and believe in to help take their children where they need to be. Our tutoring program will help children to grasp the academic concepts they find challenging during school hours. The program offers tutoring services to students in mathematics, reading, among other subjects. We also help students with the Florida State Assessment and different types of writing essays. We hope to improve grades and raise self-esteem. Purposeful Tutoring and Mentoring Services INC will help children build self-confidence while assisting in every area needed. We want each child to feel comfortable and seek our help when they encounter any problem. Our staff will be there to offer support and tools that they need to overcome obstacles.

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