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Preschool & Kindergarten Busy Binders

Kids love to learn. As parents, we want to nourish this love for learning and keep our kids interested in the world around them. The transition from preschool to learning all day at kindergarten can be overwhelming for little brains. There is a lot of uncertainty - where this is about making friends, meeting teachers, or schoolwork.

Busy Binders were created to remove some of this uncertainty by preparing kids (and their parents!) for school. These books contain more than 200 pages full of child-friendly teaching resources. Numbers, the alphabet, writing, mathematics, colors and patterns - everything your child needs to feel confident and comfortable at school is right here in one place.

Busy Binders are not just helpful for kids going to a conventional school. They are highly recommended as a resource for parents who are planning on homeschooling or unschooling their kids. The fun activities within a Busy Binder help to foster the love for learning, keeping learning fun and engaging, while providing gentle structure to a child’s day.

Nervousness about handwriting is easily removed by the step-by-step handwriting practice, giving your child a head start in the classroom. Busy Binders also contain practical knowledge, such as learning about the different seasons and community workers such as policemen, nurses and doctors. This helps children to feel engaged and connected with the world around them, giving them a sense of confidence wherever they go.

There are easy-to-follow instructions for parents, helping to provide the right guidance to work through the Busy Binders content together. This helps children to recognize the help they can receive from their parents, and teaches them to be curious, experiment, and ask questions. Busy Binders contain sections on different emotions, teaching kids the important skill of emotional intelligence, which helps them to be more self aware and kinder to others.

If you want your child to feel prepared and ready for kindergarten, school, or beginning a homeschooling program - Busy Binders contain all the resources you and your child need to make a smart, prepared, confident beginning to their learning journey.

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