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How The Pandemics Leave the Poor Even Further Behind Academically, Financially, etc.

Whenever there is a pandemic, everyone gets affected by the consequences resulting from the actions taken to mitigate the spread of the disease. Although everyone is impacted, pandemics have a way of disproportionately affecting the poor. A good example is the Covid-19 pandemic which brought about significant challenges to all sectors, from the education sector to the health and economic sectors. In the health sector, the poor were disproportionately affected as the pandemic resulted in a loss of jobs which further affected their ability to access quality healthcare. This impacted their overall health and left them vulnerable to diseases. The pandemic also increased the already existing gap in the health sector, thus leaving the poor further behind.

The economic crisis of the pandemic resulted in widening the already existing gap between the social classes. The poor were especially disproportionately affected by the pandemic, which left them wallowing in inequality and poverty. The pandemic resulted in job loss, low remittances, and other shocks to income that diminished employment prospects. Individuals with higher levels of education were not as affected as those with basic levels of education, who were mainly composed of the lower class. The financial gap thus continued to widen between the poor and rich leaving the poor even further behind.

The pandemic also resulted in a historic shutdown of schools all across the world. In the US, schools were shut down during the spring of 2020, and some schools are yet to open and offer in-school learning. This led to the adoption of remote learning, where students have to take online classes. This has brought much anxiety and disruption in learning as most poor families cannot facilitate online learning for their children. These students are then denied the chance to learn and have a brighter future while those from rich families continue learning. Therefore, the gap between the poor and rich continues to widen, where the poor are left even further behind academically.

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