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Other Educational Options

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Circumstances like age, teen parenting, etc should not prevent children from being students and gaining an education. Teenagers or college-going students who have had their education journey disrupted by situations need to resume their education to receive certifications that can assist them in obtaining meaningful employment. Some of the education-based options available to such individuals include a GED program, trade school, distance education, and home education.

A general education development program is an education option suitable for teenage parents. It entails a test that assesses the individual's academic skills in key subjects, including writing, arts, science, mathematics, and social studies (Collins and O'Brien 199). The content of the test tackles the knowledge and skills the individual would receive in a conventional high school program that runs for four years. The individual can qualify for the GED program if they can read like a ninth-grade student. The GED diploma can enable the teenage parent to apply for college or a job.

The teenager or young adult who completes a GED program or a college-age student willing to resume post-secondary education can enroll in a trade school to receive an associate degree in fields such as IT, nursing, medical technician, and automotive technician. The trade school can provide the individual with practical knowledge and skills directly linked to a specific job. The short time taken in completing the trade school program can allow the individual to gain employment quickly to support their infants.

Teenage or college-age individual can also benefit from distance education as a viable option. Distance education entails a situation in which the student can receive an education without leaving home. The online learning program can allow the learner to receive education while taking care of their newborns or when it is convenient for them.

The teenager or young adults can also receive individually tailored education from their parents. Home education can allow teenage parents to have time to study and look after their infants.

Overall, the four other options can allow the students to get their education back on track.

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