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A purpose is a determination or the sense of resolve of an individual; or the reason why something is done, made or used. Purpose has the power to guide the decisions one makes in life, control behavior, frame goals, give familiarization, and establish significance. A purpose is signified by the achievement of the expected outcome, objective or intention. The objects that are used for purpose guidance are vocational development and improvement, individual development and adaptation, learning process and readjustment, and follow-up. For one to determine their purpose, they should echo with who they are as their purpose should mirror their passion and values. This process would require a person to have a certain level of self-understanding because one cannot know their passion and values without having experimented before. One should harbor their purpose to a boundless entity, time and space because harboring it on a single entity, will only make it to be one dimensional. One should be visionary as a purpose is a compass that enables one to achieve their highest capability and best life above their uninhabited interest.

A purpose should stimulate, empower and stir a person’s soul because for a purpose to be realized, tangible action will be needed. One shouldn’t be fuzzy on their purpose but they should be specific as purpose should be naturally satisfying. Therefore, it should spot a distinct thing that will allow an individual to live their life fully because it is all about the thing that gives them superb fulfilment and significance. One should have a direction rather than a final status because a purpose is a direction that someone wants to navigate in. it should also be grounded on love and not fear because purpose should free a person and it should be affiliated with love and should come from within, and should not require assertion from the outside world. It is important to walk in your purpose because it makes one feel stronger and more confident. Even when someone faces challenges, they are always ready to face them and they don’t allow them to weigh them down because they know that facing challenges is part of the plan.

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