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Reading Suggestions for Parents

It's story time! It is critical to set aside time each day to read with your child. Set aside time every day to read together, whether it's at the breakfast table, after school, or right before bed. Use the following suggestions to help your child develop his or her reading and writing skills, as well as a love of books.

Babies and Toddlers aged 2-3 years

• Place your child on your lap and begin reading the book from the beginning. Allow your child to select a book on occasion. He or she may want you to read the same story repeatedly.

• Select books with simple, bold, and colorful shapes. Nursery rhymes and songs should be recited or sung. Tell stories with puppets and stuffed animals. Maintain a regular storytime as a relaxing activity for the entire family

• Turn each page gradually and point to the pictures to talk about what you see.

• Keep your reading discussions brief. At first, five minutes should be sufficient.

• Use board books or books with fabric or plastic covers. These are ideal for babies to look at on their own. Select books with simple sentence structures.

•. Take your child to storytime at the library on a regular basis.

Preschoolers and Kindergarten Students Aged 3-6 Years

• Set aside time each day for reading. Every day, read aloud a book.

• Take your child to the library's children's activities on a regular basis.

• When reading picture books to your child, choose ones with a lot of vocabulary and detailed illustrations.

• Praise your child when he or she attempts to read. Allow your child to observe you reading for pleasure.

• Place books on a shelf that is easily accessible.

• Select books that are repetitive and rhyme-filled, as well as those that have longer sentences and more complex illustrations.

School Age 7 & Up

• Allow your child to select his or her own recreational reading material. Some children enjoy reading fiction, while others prefer nonfiction, comic books, or graphic novels.

• As a family, read aloud or have silent reading time.

• Enroll your child in the library's Summer Reading Program.

• Encourage your child to join or start their own book club.

• Encourage your child's writing abilities. Some children enjoy making their own comic strips. Others like to write letters or stories. Some kids enjoy making their own secret codes.

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