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Former Highschool Student 

Ms. Robinson is extremely helpful in accommodating our specific needs. I am extremely happy with them. I find them to be very honest and sincere towards my academic. Purposeful Tutoring and Mentoring Services made an IMMEDIATE difference in my confidence and academic performance. Highly recommend

Parent of 4th grader

Since my daughter has started  with Purposeful Tutoring and Mentoring Services INC . I have notice a significant growth in her Reading and Math abilities.

Current Student

Being able to have a mentor was something that has benefited me in more ways than one. Ms. Robinson was flexible with her hours in meeting with me and even with helping me with other classes completely different from the one we had scheduled for. I totally recommend Purposeful "Tutoring and Mentoring Services" to anyone in need. You won't regret it.

Former Middle School Student

I really like that  my tutor  and mentor Ms. Robinson would not give up on me and she never judged me whenever I needed to talk. I love how on the weekend she came to cheer me on while I played football.

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