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It is essential to find a balance between the different roles one plays to optimize functioning. Students often have other obligations that affect their academic lives. For instance, I have to juggle between being a business owner, doctoral student/ candidate, and single parent. Finding the perfect balance between these roles has been a challenge. However, managing these roles is vital to ensure I set time aside for self-care. This is imperative because it will help me improve my overall health.

There are different ways to manage these different roles. As a single parent, I must identify where to save time and prioritize what is most important. I usually try to avoid perfectionism to ensure I do not spend much time on one task. I realize that time is a precious commodity, and as such, I exploit small moments to connect with my child and fulfill my school and work obligations. I usually make the most of my time by squeezing school and business tasks into daily commutes and waiting rooms. I have also arranged an atypical working schedule. I have implemented flex-time for my business to ensure I create a schedule around my education and family needs. I have also been able to establish a pragmatic support network. For instance, I can look for a babysitter when I have school and business activities. My support network comprises my family members and close friends who accept to care for my child whenever I am unavailable. These methods have helped me juggle between being a single parent, student, and business owner.

Self-care refers to anything you do to care for yourself physically, psychologically, and emotionally. It has numerous advantages, including improved physical, mental, and emotional health, and well-being. According to research, self-care promotes favorable health outcomes such as promoting resilience, living longer, and improving stress management skills. I find time to relax and engage in self-care activities to enhance my overall health and well-being. I usually try to maintain a regular sleeping routine to ensure I get adequate sleep. I also focus on eating healthy and spending time in nature by taking strolls through park or walking on the beach. Not to mention spending time with family in friends and engaging in activities. I set time aside to enjoy my hobbies as well as meditate, read, write, and pray. I have found that self-care has helped me balance all the dimensions of wellness, and I have improved my overall health. I usually use such opportunities to reenergize and relax to better cope with the different roles in my life.

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