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Keeping An Eye On Student’s Mental Health

In recent years, students’ mental health has become a major concern in most learning institutions. Mental health and well-being can significantly influence the academic performance of a student.

Therefore, it is essential to keep an eye on students' mental health to remain mentally healthy and focused on their education. Some of the mental health disorders that students face include anxiety, depression, and in most cases, substance abuse. Some of these mental health problems are difficult to spot, so teachers and other school staff should closely monitor the students.

Unaddressed mental health problems among students often lead to other issues that affect schools, such as student underachievement, prolonged truancy, and in some cases, dropouts. Studies show that majority of students with mental health issues never receive any form of assistance. Up to 75% of students with mental health problems do not receive specialist help until they attain 18 years. Therefore, interventions at the institution level to monitor and assist learners with mental issues could potentially help thousands of students. Such interventions would significantly improve students' mental health and reduce cases of underachievement and truancy among learners.

An investment into early detection and intervention in students’ mental health problems is crucial. The school's authority and other stakeholders should develop a solid plan to address the mental health issues. It is essential to involve teachers, family members, social workers, and counselors as they all have a role in promoting students' mental health. For instance, teachers and family members are more likely to notice a change in their behavior as they spend the most time with them. They can tell when a child is troubled and intervene to prevent the escalation of the issues affecting the young individual. Teachers and parents can also provide a safe environment where students can express their problems, thus promoting emotional well-being. Training teachers on how to identify mental health issues among students is also crucial in ensuring students' mental well-being.

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