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Spotting Bullying: What Parents Should Watch Out For ?

Bullying is one of the major problems affecting many children across the world today. The problem of bullying has spread in almost all aspects of social life, including learning, worshiping, playing, and entertainment. In school, many children have been confronted by the menace of bullying. Consequently, the children perform poorly in academics because they have been affected psychologically. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every parent to protect their child from bullying. If parents were to spot bullying tendencies at the earliest time possible, they would take the necessary measures to stop it. However, identifying the problem has become a significant challenge. The paper, therefore, discusses what to watch out for to spot bullying.

The first factor is paying attention to the mood of the child. Parents are supposed to look for significant changes in the typical behavior and personality of their children. In most cases, children who are being bullied will change their behavior and personality considerably. For instance, they will appear anxious, moody, withdrawn, or teary and depressed

Moreover, parents should establish if their children are withdrawn from friends. Particularly, they should pay close attention when their child's close friends are no longer coming to play, not calling or inviting their child. The avoidance can be an indication that the child is being bullied. Therefore, parents should ask their children about their friends, and should they answer that they do not have friends, then that should be a red flag.

Similarly, parents should pay close attention to what their children say. Children may not necessarily use the word bullying when being bullied. Therefore, if a child says that someone messed with them, they must ask them to explain further because they might be saying they were bullied.

In conclusion, bullying is a significant problem affecting many children today. The vice is a concern among parents as they try to look for appropriate ways to protect their children. To spot bullying, parents are supposed to listen keenly to their children, identify if their child is isolated, and read their moods. By putting these factors into consideration, they will be able to spot bullying easily.

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