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Why Students Struggle With Reading & Math and How You Can Help

A student's educational upbringing majorly contributes to his or her ability to read and tackle math with ease. Also, parenting cognitive skills instilled during childhood usually affect the reading ability of their children in the long term. Students mostly struggle with reading and math for a variety of reasons.

Firstly, lack of support for these students negatively impacts their reading and with ease. The support includes inadequate availability of reading and math resources. For example, a school has fewer books in their libraries. This will make students and educators scramble with the few educational books.

The support may also arise from the educator's side. Some schools have a low teacher-student ratio, eventually; this will make some slow learning students have difficulty in reading and tackling math coursework assignments. Usually, educators provide one-on-one assistance to students who have slow learning capabilities.

Secondly, certain disorder deters students from fully concentering at their classroom. Such disorders make students have difficulty in concentrating and comprehending when they are taught by their educators. Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder makes students have problems concentrating on reading and math material provided in class.

Lastly, family instabilities make students have stress which negatively impacts their classwork concentration and grades. The instabilities can take the form of parent's violence, drug abuse, and financial constraints. On the student side, some of them abuse drugs such as Marijuana, alcohol, and cocaine. These drugs usually impair their brain's ability to concentrate and focus while in class. Educators, teachers, and other key stakeholders in education sectors must provide holistic strategies that enhance student reading and tackling math with ease. The solutions can take the form of; providing support to poor readers, detecting disorders, and guidance initiatives.

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